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Prima Chickens are one of the best wholesale Chicken, Wings, Beef, Pork Supplier and distributor in Brazil. If you are looking for fresh halal chicken, chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken drumsticks, chicken leg piece in Brazil then Prima Chickens is the best place in brazil.  A dream to ensure healthy meat in the hands of every meat lover around the world. We are the brazilian wholesale chicken distributors in Brazil. While we may be based in Brazil, we are currently exporting fresh, pure and free-of-toxins meat to 150 countries around the globe. 

About Us

We are the leading producer of Poultry Meat. By now our chicken exports is approved in over 150 countries. Our professional approach and good reputation will hopefully give us the chance to expand our business activities with a wider product range of frozen foods. Recently a new division was created to offer our customers technological & additive solutions, specifically aimed at the needs of the current meat processing industry.

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Do You Know Why Customers From 150 Countries Make Us The Best Brazilian Wholesale Chicken Distributors?

It is mainly due to one reason, “We care about their health and provide them with what they love.” To make them happy is our foremost goal at Prima Chickens. Being one of the leading Brazilian Halal Chicken Suppliers, it is our responsibility to cherish our customers’ trust in us by providing them with juicy, tender and nutritious meat. Prima Chickens deals in wholesale fresh chicken, chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken leg piece, chicken drumsticks in Brazil and all over 150 countries. We offer many different kinds of products made from these base meat sources.  We are also one of the leading best frozen wings and halal chicken breast manufacturers in Brazil.

Prima Chickens Take Your Health Seriously:

At Prima Chickens, our experts are much concerned about hygiene and quality. We maintain a steady team of Quality Engineers to keep a tight check on our operations and ensure an end-product that lives up to the high expectations of our customers around the world.

Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say About Prima Chickens Being The Best Brazil Wholesale Chicken Supplier And Distributor of Frozen Halal Chicken.

“First time since ages I’m happy. It’s great! An order was delivered on time. Everything ok. Thanks again”

Says “Simona” from USA.

“Excellent service, and dealt with my query very efficiently. Good prices and great value for money.”

Says “Dorothy” from Andorra.

“I ordered two times from France, 10 days for delivery, no problem with customs, and good quality products”

Says “Mark” from France.

 These are just some of the testimonials we have shared here. If you want to read all the testimonials, you can head to customer reviews here. We would also love to thank our customers for spreading positivity about us. This helps us work more efficiently by boosting our morale.

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Premium Products:

Prima Chicken offers 26 exclusive meat products. While we do offer many more, these 26 have come out to be most loved by our customers in Brazil and around the world. Some of these products include:

       · Frozen Chicken Wings

       · Frozen Chicken Breast

       · Fresh Halal Chicken

       · Frozen Chicken Leg Piece

       · Frozen Chicken Drumsticks

       · Chicken Mortadella

       · Frozen Chicken Paw

       · Frozen Chicken Feets

You can explore all the fresh, juicy and nutritious meat products we make for you here.

If you have been told by your doctor to eat only nutritious meat, you can trust Prima Chickens. Our strict measures when it comes to hygiene ensure our meat is free-of-toxins and retains its freshness and natural taste. Our huge investments in high tech machinery enables us to keep the meat fresh and in its natural state so you get only the best taste when it reaches you.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Eating Nutritious Meat:

       1: Studies have shown that eating meat can reduce excessive appetite and increase metabolism rate which can help you digest better. (source: PubMed Central)

       2:  In a study, it was revealed that eating beef resulted in increased muscle retention in seniors. (source: PubMed Central)

       3: Animal protein is also known to improve bone strength and density. (source: PubMed Central)

       4:  Meat contain iron which can be easily absorbed by our body compared to iron in plants. (source: PubMed Central)

Do you know why else do people from 150 countries make us the best Brazil Chicken Exporter? They love our “fast delivery” around the world. We have taken good care to build our network around so our customers don’t have to wait any longer than the minimum time possible. You place, we deliver. “Quick, On-time, and Hassle-free”

Prima Chickens has also taken the responsibility to provide Fresh Halal Chicken to our ever-growing Muslim customers. We take extra measures to slaughter, cut and process Chicken and Beef meat according to Islamic Regulations. We stand behind the quality of our products and we are always here to help you get the best quality Halal chicken wholesale including best frozen chicken wings, best frozen chicken breast, bulk chicken breast, chicken feet and chicken paws. You can also tailor-make your order by combining varieties of meat products.

We don’t want to stop just yet but we understand you would already want to try our premium quality meat products without further ado. Prima Chickens, being the best Brazil Wholesale Chicken Exporters welcomes you to our family. Please let us send you fresh, tender and juice meat by placing your order here.

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