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Matthew, USA

Delivery was OK.

Simona, USA

First time since ages I’m happy. It’s great! An order was delivered on time. Everything ok. Thanks again

Kaiman, United Kingdom

Easy to place order and promptly processed.

Smith S., United Kingdom

Great experience with them!

Dorothy, Andorra

Excellent service, and dealt with my query very efficiently. Good prices and great value for money.

Samuel, Irish France

They ship very speedy and keep you informed as to the day to day progress of shipping. I’ve used them for several years and I’m always very pleased. Very honest, great site.

Sarah, Spain

Thank you for your fast and courteous service, it is much appreciated. Service like this is rare these days and does not go unnoticed. Thanks to all the people who formulated the product, but also to the people that had delivered it to me so quickly.

Piter N., Italy

Very pleased with shipment and customer service. Will place re-order very soon.

Barbara, Sweden

The order came sooner than expected and was as advertised or better. I am 100% satisfied.

Jacob, France

Fast service…… very helpful customer service….couldn’t get the website to process my order so I phoned and got great help and speedy delivery with regular shipping on the order….

Alex, France

I like this company, they keep you updated, send things fast and have a great selection.

Mark, Deutschland
i ordered two times from france, 10 days for delivery, no problem with customs, and good quality products
Andy, Ireland

Quick and fast for me.

Erica, Germany

As the people said, it really like the one as we want!!! Cheap and good.

Leeroy, Italy

I have ordered three times. I always got my order. For the most part I didn’t have to wait too long. The content of the package was fine. I saved some money, got the drug I know and didn’t have to wait too long for it to arrive. I’m pretty pleased.

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