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When you have the responsibility to make delicious recipes to feed your customers, store and offer fresh wholesale frozen pork meat or just find the all-natural, juicy and tender pork to process it, you can’t ignore the best Wholesale Pork Distributors offering such high-quality pork meat at unbeatable prices.

Prima Chickens has quickly become a renowned meat distributor worldwide. We offer large variety of all-natural, hygienic, and frozen meat products. Our products range includes:

       1. Pork

       2. Chicken

       3. Beef

We are proudly supplying wholesale frozen pork meat to over 100 countries all over the world. Our customer loves us due to:

       · Timely shipments

       · Fresh taste

       · Refined cut pieces

       · Natural aroma

       · Unbeatable prices

Looking For a Wholesale Frozen Pork Meat Manufacturer:

One that can export wholesale pork meat to Europe, Africa, Asia, America, UK, or anywhere in the world, you can trust Prima Chickens to go a long way with you.

At Prima Chickens, We are Concerned About Two Factors Mainly:

       · Natural Taste

We know how important it is for the meat to retain its natural taste despite being frozen for days. Our experts have invested a lot in advanced technologies to achieve and retain this natural taste in our meat. No matter which corner of the world we are sending our wholesale pork meat to, our expert-in-meat customers always admire the natural aroma and taste which they find in our meat and nowhere else.

The secret lies in carefully processing the wholesale pork meat. We start cutting, refining and processing the meat only after an order is received. This ensures that the meat stays fresh even after we have shipped it to you. And even though we start fresh, our shipping time is still shorter compared to some other Brazilian Pork Suppliers.

       · Faster Shipments

Our excellent relations with the logistics companies around the world ensures that our customers never wait a moment longer than the committed delivery time. In fact, we have often shipped earlier and our customers admire this quality.

This is exactly how we have successfully retained long term relations with our honorable customers. They make us the best fresh and frozen pork manufacturers in Brazil.

 We Don’t Compromise:

Prima Chicken has always ensured that we don’t compromise on the quality. While our certifications are a proof of our strict measures when it comes to maintaining high quality operations, we would also like to assure you about our processes. We want our customers to know that their wholesale pork meat is coming from a reliable, professional and industry-leading source.

       · We take special measures to only provide our animals with nutritious diet throughout their lives.

       · Our medical experts keep a tight medical check through consistent rounds to analyze the health conditions in our slaughter houses and warehouses.

       · Our advanced machinery ensures that our operations are automated so there is maximum efficiency and accuracy.

       · Our staff strictly follows hygienic measures such as wearing a mask, gloves and clean uniforms when working.

       · We ensure that a clean environment is always a top priority.

These measures are followed very seriously at Prima Chickens because we understand the level of trust you put in us. Our responsible approach to quality is what makes us the Best Brazil Pork Exporters.

Hugely Demanded Wholesale Pork Meat Products Delivered On Short Notices:

If you run a meat related business in Brazil, such as retail, import or processing, you can even enjoy some more perks. Such as faster delivery times. Our research allows us to always be informed of what kind of wholesale pork meat products are in-demand in the Brazilian market and we can provide you highly demanded wholesale pork meat in bulks and on short notices as well.

What Variety of Wholesale Pork Meat Products Do We Offer?

If you are wondering what variety of wholesale pork meat products do we offer at Prima Chickens, here is the list of our most coveted and demanded pork meat products:

       · Grade “A” Frozen Pork Ear

       · Frozen Pork Meat Grade A

       · Frozen Pork Fat

       · Frozen Pork Skinless Fat

       · Frozen 80/20 Pork Trimmings

       · Frozen 70/30 Pork Trimmings

       · Frozen 60/40 Pork Trimmings

       · Frozen Pork Tails

       · Frozen Pork Kidney (Non-GMO)

       · Frozen Whole Pork

       · Frozen Pork (Clean)

       · Frozen Pork Legs (Clean)

While these are some of the in-demand wholesale pork meat products, we can also custom-make any kind of pork meat you need on short notices.

Let’s Place Your Order:

If you already can’t wait to place your first or next order with us, we welcome you to click here or click on the “Place Order” label in the top bar. We will make sure that your first with us will be your best experience with Brazilian Pork Suppliers

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